Case Study 2

Personal Affiliate Site Built From Scratch

Case Background

This case refers to my own affiliate site that I started back in early 2020. Similar to the business goals for our client in Case Study One, my vision for this project included: an increase in total page views per month, steady viewership over time, established white hat link building, and consistent revenue growth.

Process and insights

As with any affiliate site, a deep understanding of the site’s niche is needed before executing a plan for improvement. In my case, this was a topic that I had personal experience with already, but would need the help of a professional editorial team to flesh out the blog’s written content on a regular basis.


After seeking out writers with pre-existing knowledge and understanding of the affiliate site’s material and potential related content, extensive research was then conducted to root out all content opportunities that could be capitalized on. From there, a consistent posting schedule was designed using my favorite project management software (ClickUp) which facilitated the production of high-quality, informative, and relevant blog content at consistent intervals.


The result of these efforts showed a proven boost in the site’s pageviews from 100 pageviews in January 2020 to over 136,000 views per month in June of 2022. Naturally, the added benefit of increased site traffic includes greater profit and revenue growth over time.