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What I Do?

Content Creation

Build genuine interest in your product or service with high-quality, keyword-driven content that is guaranteed to rank organically and drive revenue

Link Building

Ensure that your content ranks as quick as possible with the help of coordinated outreach campaigns and trusted linkable assets

Marketing Operations

Establish a seamless marketing system using ClickUp to help you better manage new content and work effortlessly with collaborators

Why Partner With Me?

You’ve worked hard to get your business going and lay the foundation for greatness, now let me jump in and generate traffic that will push you above your current revenue.

In exchange for a share of the additional revenue, as well as all of the above, I will build out your content marketing processes, scale your site for maximum visibility and brand awareness, boost your organic rankings, and be the hors(e)power behind all of your SEO efforts. 

Real World Results

Growth of E-commerce Blog

Case Study 1

One Year Growth of E-commerce Blog

Growth of affiliate site

Case Study 2

Personal Affiliate Site Built From Scratch

Client Testimonials

"Alex and content marketing are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go really well together. 

For on-site SEO, he's great at using third-party tools like ahrefs to scout out opportunities, rank which opportunities are worth pursuing, and then devise a plan to pursue those opportunities with a team of professional writers.

For off-site SEO, he's excellent at creating ways to have others link and/or share your content. If you want keyword-focused content that is designed to rank and drive revenue, then talk with Alex.

He can design both the on-page strategy of what gets created and the off-page strategy of what gets promoted to help meet your content marketing goals."

Brian Miller

Co-Founder and Publisher at

"I was looking to do SEO for my small business. A particular challenge in finding the right person. I didn't need someone who was going to explain the basics but, instead, someone who could build on what I knew and add value.

Alex contacted me as a result of that post and, in a low-key, respectful manner, convinced me to work with him. I am very happy with what Alex did for me. He didn't just "do a bunch of AHRefs stuff" - he built a complete process, using Clickup, and explained the steps and the thinking behind it. He quickly picked up some of the nuances of my niche and his process dovetailed neatly into the way I like to work.

Importantly, Alex didn't talk down to me (though he knows much more the low-level details of SEO than me) and he took time to describe what he did and why. If anyone is looking to kickstart or re-ignite their SEO efforts with a practical perspective (without the usual SEO hype), I'd highly recommend Alex."

Mark Williams

Founder of

How It All Began?

I’ve been working in the SEO industry since my college days (over seven years now) and in the meantime I’ve mastered the art of building and scaling in-house content marketing teams. But getting here wasn’t easy.

I started out learning how to link build with nothing but a spreadsheet and my own drive for success, which at the time was paid for on a per-link basis. This meant A LOT of personalized email outreach and knowing when I should follow up with them later. 

I can now create a winning link building pitch with minimal effort that is uniquely curated for each recipient. And, this eventually led me into the evolving world of SEO.

A friend of mine, who was building and flipping six-figure content sites at the time, started letting me build links for a few of his sites. In exchange, he taught me about keyword research, how to structure a well-written article, search intent, and more. This decision was one of the best I’ve ever made, and propelled me to create my own affiliate site that is still highly successful today.

I am able to help companies and global brands (some in the eight-figure range even) scale their marketing efforts, improve on existing content strategies, and rapidly meet their projected traffic goals. 

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