Case Study 1

One Year Growth of E-Commerce Blog

Case Background

This case refers to an e-commerce client with a pre-existing blog used primarily for link-building efforts. While they were able to get links, visitor traffic was minimal because proper keyword research and content planning was not being done. 

Process and insights

After extensive keyword research, I discovered that a lot of content opportunities existed for information and comparisons related to the client’s products which they sold. While these specific keyword searches weren’t for the product itself, they would enable the viewer to find this product information and ultimately be linked to the e-commerce provider where they could purchase the product if desired.


Action was taken to utilize these keyword phrases and searches within the e-commerce site’s blog, and to generate high-quality, informative content about the product category and other related products by comparison.With the help of a professional editorial team (consisting of an experienced writer, editor and publisher), we achieved a regular blog posting schedule of 3-5 quality posts per week.


These efforts significantly improved the e-commerce site’s traffic, as well as email subscriptions, up to over 50,000 visitors per month. This was achieved during a one-year period from June 2021 to June 2022, now with over 26,000 keywords ranked on the clients' blog. Overall this has dramatically increased the client’s search engine rankings and a steady rise in general site traffic.