Building Relationships with Affiliate Managers

Alright so you’ve got some traction and you’re making sales.

Brands are reaching out and you’re signing up for various affiliate programs.


As soon as you sign up for a third-party program, I would instantly try and get on a call with the affiliate manager.

Shoot them this templated email.

Hey [Affiliate Manager],

My name is [your name] and I’m the owner of [].

I recently signed up for your affiliate program and wanted to see if we could jump on a call in the near future :)

I would love to get to know you a bit better, learn what products you are looking to push, and just general information on how I can help YOU.

Here is a link to my calendar: []

If you can’t find a time, just shoot me a message back and I can open the calendar up a bit.

Excited to grow together,

[Your Name]

Super simple.

Once you get on that call, it’s time to use those soft skills of yours.

Be friendly.


Crack jokes.

Tell them about your plans for the website.

Get them to like you.

Stop thinking about money, money, money.

That said, here are some valuable questions to ask:

  • Ask about the company
  • Ask about their target demographic
  • Ask about their best-selling products
  • Ask what products are converting really well with their ads
  • Ask about any additional benefits of being part of the program
  • Can you get products?
  • Can you get original images?
  • Can you get a discount code?
  • Ask about THEM as a person

Pro tip: Ask them who their best affiliates are as you’d like to take a look to see how you can improve.

Then reverse engineer them.

Make sure to take notes during the call and then let these questions help guide what products you recommend.

Are their Burritos Dodgeball Card Game selling like hotcakes?

Recommend it in your “best card game” article because you know it converts well.

They can’t seem to sell their Exploding Kittens game because it sucks and no one likes cats?

Then don’t recommend it.

Not only can affiliate managers help increase your commission rate and revenue, but they can also give you game-changing data for your business.

This data can then streamline your product research and decision-making process.

And this results in dollar signs.

  • More conversions
  • Less time
  • More money

Can't get better than that.