Using A.I. in SEO: Don’t Just Write

As we all know, everyone and their mother in the SEO world is talking about generating content with A.I.

Look, I get it.

One of the biggest costs for us SEOs is content writing so if we can get that cost down, great.

We’re moving the needle.

The problem though?

Writing content with A.I. is one of the worst use cases for it. 

Yes, it can help.

And it can get content costs down.

But not by much. 

And we’ve seen time and time again sites that relied too heavily on A.I. content get tanked. 

So, let’s talk about some better use cases.

Content Ideation

ChatGPT and the likes are AMAZING at coming up with content ideas. 

Whether you’re looking for ideas to post on your Instagram, blog, newsletter, etc it helps.

To be 100% transparent, this is one of the biggest use cases for me.

I need to write an email every week but man, it becomes difficult as hell at times and coming up with a topic, draft, etc can be tiring.

That said, I can ask it for 10 topics that I should write about as it relates to SEO and affiliate marketing.

These are okay… but not great.

However, we can drill down deeper into one of these:

Let's expand on "E-commerce SEO" 

Give me 10 topic ideas on this along with links to articles 

Note how I asked it to include links to articles on the web.

This is a matter of personal preference but really helps the research process should I want to read deeper on the topic.

As before, let’s drill down deeper into a topic and link that it recommended:

Go and read this article:

Based on the tips provided within the article, how can I improve the User Experience for Better Conversion Rates on my e-commerce store

I’m going to stop here because you get the point.

You can go deeper and deeper with this and never run out of content ideas.

This is true for YouTube, your blog, social media, etc.

Chat GPT is amazing at content ideation.

Just muck around with it and you’ll have 100 ideas in no time.

No advanced and special prompt engineering needed.

That said, here is a prime example of why it’s not good at content creation:

I asked ChatGPT what the most important tip is for increasing my conversions.

It told me to optimize my navigation and site structure…

This is false for 99% of websites.

And therein lies the problem.

A.I. doesn’t have the real-world experience that you have.

It only knows what it’s trained on. 

The internet.

And there is a whole lot of bullshit on the internet, people. 

Content Formatting & Distribution

I think this is one of the best use cases for us SEOs.

It won’t necessarily help you rank higher but if you can get traffic on other platforms, then you become less reliant on organic traffic.

And you’re diversified.

Gold star for you. 

Now, some might fight me and call content reformatting the same as creation but let me explain the nuance here. 

I think ChatGPT can rewrite and reformat your work pretty well.

But I don’t think it can generate new content that well. 

As long as new topics and ideas aren’t being plugged into your work, it’s great.

Prime example, I asked Chat to read my article on the ICE Score and turn it into 3 tweets.

I made sure to tell it:

“Don’t add in any new information or thoughts. Solely create tweets based on the information within the article”

Here is one of them:

It’s okay… not great.

But workable.

More importantly, it’s fast as hell.

Chat will do this for me anytime of the day without ever needing a break.

Chat will never complain and we will never fight.

Such a great working relationship. 

Carrying on.. 

Doing the above can turn your one article into:

  • 30 Tweets 
  • 5 LinkedIn posts. 

But why stop there? 

Plug your article into Canva’s image generator or DALL-E

Now, get a few infographics created.

Your article has now become 5 Instagram posts. 

Last but not least, upload your text, infographic, images, etc to Kaiber

Once done over there, you now have 5 short videos that you can upload to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

In the end, your one article becomes roughly:

  • 30 tweets 
  • 5 LinkedIn posts. 
  • 5 Instagram Posts
  • 5 TikToks
  • 5 YouTube Shorts

The best part?

You can do this all yourself within two hours. 

Content formatting and distribution is perhaps my favorite use case of them all.

Other Use Cases

Meeting Notes

Not really SEO related but if you have a client meeting, you want to be 100% present with them and fully engaged.

A.I. taking notes in the background allows you to do this so you aren’t so focused on writing everything down.

In addition, have a forwarding rule set up so the account manager is sent the notes after the call along with action items.

SOP Generation

Mman I love this.

I hate writing steps and SOPs down but love recording videos.

So, I hit “record” and walk through a process that we need documentation on.

Then, I simply grab the transcript of the video and ask Chat to create a SOP out of it.

This. Is Amazing.

It gets 80% of the way there and literally takes an additional 2 minutes.

Google Sheets & Excel

In my experience, 80% of marketing is just reviewing data and making decisions.

That said, the majority of my data and insights are held in Google sheets.

But, half the time I need to reformulate the data so I can actually get the insights I’m looking for.

I know what needs to happen, but I don’t have the formula knowledge to do it.

It takes me 20 minutes and two YouTube videos later to figure out the formula.

But not with Chat!

Takes me about two minutes.

Data Analysis

Last but not least, Chat GPT is amazing at looking at data you provide and drawing conclusions.

Please note how I said data you provide.

When Chat just pulls numbers from the internet and its knowledge base, it hallucinates a lot.

This drastically decreases if you provide it with the information.

I see the biggest use case here with Digital PR.

I can grab two studies about a given topic, feed the data studies to ChatGPT, and have it draw conclusions and create unique insights based on all of the information.

This allows me to have unique data which I can then use and pitch the journalist.

There you have it folks.

Plenty of use cases for A.I. in the SEO (and business) world besides writing.

Even all of these use cases are still just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many other cool ways to use A.I and if you want to explore this deeper, check out the website Future Tools

If you’re doing something unique with A.I. - shoot me an email.

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I’m not a dev.. 

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